Gaia Labs is now Prolific Machines

The same great team now has an even better name. Stay tuned as we transform the way cells are produced at scale, accelerating industries spanning from cell-based meat to antibody production and cell-therapy.



Solving today's key challenges with better cells.

Prolific Machines combines cutting edge technologies to enable cell production at a new scale. We are redefining how cells are produced for a more sustainable, healthy, and exciting future.

Prolific Machines is creating powerful solutions for the defining challenges of our time. The founding principles behind Prolific Machines are to combat climate change, reduce the cost of biologics production, and make cell therapy accessible to everyone.

Are you ready to change the world for the better with us?



Prolific Machines is gearing up and looking for talent and strategic partners. 

Are you excited to work together and address some of the most fundamental challenges of our time? 

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